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The Importance of Having Routine Physicals, Even if You Feel Great

Jan 01, 2023
The Importance of Having Routine Physicals, Even if You Feel Great
Health is a big concern in America, and that means an increased risk of more health problems for millions. But, even if you’re physically fit and work out every day, it’s vital to keep up with your annual physical.

Overall fitness in America is less than stellar, with only one in five people in the US getting regular exercise, only 23% getting proper aerobic and strength-building activities, and most people spending only 11 hours a week on fitness. More importantly, an astounding 50% of people who start exercise regimens are likely to drop out of them within six months.

Getting an overall look at your health is important to know what to work on to stay healthy. routine physical exam is an essential window into your general health, even if you’re in peak physical shape and get as much physical activity as you need. 

Let’s explore this by looking at why good health is critical, how annual exams can help, and what you can expect from getting one.

If you live in the Sugarland, Texas area and need an annual physical exam, Dr. Chinwe Okafor and her skilled medical team at Sugarland Primary Care Physicians can help.

Why good physical health is important

Keeping yourself in good physical shape is more than just a way to stay thin. Regular physical activity has many health advantages, including the following benefits:

  • Enhancing your mood (relieving stress, anxiety, depression, and anger) 
  • Lowering blood pressure 
  • Boosting your good (HDL) cholesterol 
  • Reducing the risk of heart disease
  • Improving blood circulation 

It also helps to prevent many other chronic health conditions, boost your stamina, get better sleep, and maintain a positive outlook on your life.

How annual exams help with your overall health

Your annual physical is more than just a yearly checkup with your doctor on basic health concerns; it also allows you to see changes your body may be going through, whether you’re aware it’s happening or not. Not all health conditions have obvious symptoms, and many problems can be asymptomatic (show none at all).

Your annual exam is a perfect time to address any health concerns and determine if you have conditions to treat before they become a concern. If your family has a history of specific health issues, this is also a time to check up on whether you’re experiencing signs of those issues.

What to expect from annual exams

Your physical exam generally consists of a checklist of tests, including height and weight measurements, vital sign checks, reviewing your medications (if you’re taking any), reviewing family history, and physically checking for any changes or abnormalities. 

Depending on your age, you also receive blood tests, urine tests, and other screenings for various conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, STDs, several forms of cancer, and hypertension. Women will need breast exams, pap smears, and other screenings to test for various ailments depending on their age and state of health.

Even if you’re in the best shape, a family history, environmental conditions, or other genetic factors can affect your chances of dealing with health issues. So, you shouldn’t avoid your annual exam. If you’re due to get a physical exam, make an appointment with Dr. Okafor and Sugarland Primary Care Physicians today to get started.